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Parker's Chess Adventure

100-Puzzle Chess Tactics Workbook


<i>100 one-move chess tactics puzzles for kids rated 1,000 and below.</i>

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Parker's Chess Adventure is a story book/workbook that contains 100 one-move tactics puzzles for kids with a playing level around 1000 or less.

There are 10 chapters, each starting with two colorable story pages about Parker the Pawn’s journey to play chess at Kyle the King’s castle. As the story unfolds, readers meet his new friends Danny the Dragon and Betty Bird, who help him find his way. Following the story pages in each chapter are 10 one-move puzzles. Every chapter focuses on a different chess tactic and begins with an example that represents the puzzles in that chapter.

Chapter One: Find the Hanging Pieces

Chapter Two: Find the Safe Squares

Chapter Three: Find the Forks

Chapter Four: Find the Pins

Chapter Five: Find the Skewers

Chapter Six: Find the Trapped Pieces

Chapter Seven: Find the Discovered Attacks

Chapter Eight: Find the Best Moves

Chapter Nine: Find the Double Checks

Chapter Ten: Find the Mate in Ones


Endorsed by Jim Della Selva, two-time Rhode Island state chess champion and chess coach.

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Parker's Chess Adventure


"I want you to know that your books have captured the imagination of my chess students. I have noticed a difference in my tournaments. Many of my students are playing much better. In fact, one of my junior high students asked for one when I was giving them out to my elementary students. He won 1st place in our last tournament! You're making a positive impact in the world of chess."

John McGraw
Chess coach and tournament director for Jasper City Schools in Alabama


"Our elementary school chess club in South Texas recently began studying tactics with the help of Parker’s Chess Adventure. It really paid off when a 6 member team from our club won first place in our first area tournament! I was impressed with how this book kept our kids focused with the use of colorable, appealing characters with an amusing tale along with great tactical puzzles. Thank you Dave, for making it easy to instill a love of chess in young children."

Charles Branning
Chess coach, Corpus Christi, Texas


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