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Chess 101, a new chess training book for beginners

Voted "Best Beginner Chess Book" by Chess.com

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Learn how to play chess with Chess 101, a chess training book for beginners and novice players. Endorsed by many top chess teachers and instructors.

This chess book includes a collection of chess information not often found in one place!

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Learning to play chess involves more than just knowing how to move the pieces. Chess 101 is a chess book for beginners that provides comprehensive chess training about everything a new chess player needs to know.

This beginner chess book covers the following topics:

  • Types of boards and pieces
  • Setting up the board
  • The value of the pieces
  • How the pieces move, including castling and "en passant"
  • Chess notation
  • The three phases of the game of chess
  • How to study chess
  • What a chess rating is and how to get one
  • Chess clock rules
  • An overview of faster chess games
  • The mechanics of a tournament
  • Rules and etiquette
  • Tips to winning chess

Chess 101 also contains over two dozen exhibits, designed to help you learn to play chess with ease!


More endorsements for Chess 101:

"A fun and easy-to-read book that puts years of insight into one volume. From how the pieces move, to basic rules, etiquette, getting ready to play in your first tournament and more, this book is the doorway into the world of chess. It's a book I wish I had when I was a beginner.  It should be everyone's first chess book!"

Ernesto Alvarez

USCF national chess master and chess instructor


"I very much enjoyed reading Chess 101. I found it to be just what the parents of upcoming chess giants need: a clear explanation of the rudiments of the game. It also takes the mystery out of the tournament environment, chess clocks, en passant and other aspects of chess that often confuse new players. Great job!"

Herminio Baez

National chess expert and professional chess teacher

with more than 30 years experience



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